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    Company Pioneer Motor Yachts specializes in the design and construction of high-speed motor yachts. At the core of our own production are Russian space technologies, the world’s first successful application in the field of shipbuilding.

    Pioneer‘s unique marina is primarily in the design of multilayered composite shells. Having no analogues in the world Russian developments in the space industry have been specially adapted to the company’s Pioneer Motor Yachts, allowing us to produce lightweight, strong and unsinkable hull, and hence safe and fully-art yacht.

    An experienced team of specialists with theoretical and practical basis of modern shipbuilding, has managed to combine the latest scientific achievements in the field of strength, ductility and hydrodynamics with the latest design developments. The result was a unique style and characteristics of the yacht, ideal for use in the waters of our country – in inland and coastal waters.

    Architecture, interiors and equipment yachts maximally adapted to Russian conditions, as navigation and climate. When building using the best equipment, engines and electronics. Thus the basic equipment of our yachts is higher than that of foreign ships of the same class.